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  • Aug
    Tobe Brockner

    Shuriken Perfect Draw Cigar Cutter

    If you’re looking for a different way of cutting your cigar then you may want to try the Shuriken Perfect Draw cigar cutter. Essentially the way it works is, instead of clipping off the cap of the cigar or punching a hole in it like traditional cutters or punches, the Shuriken simply makes 6 cuts in a star pattern through the cap down to the wrapper. In fact, with this cut, the cap actually stays in place.

    Although there have been complaints about this type of cutter not offering enough of a draw, we found that if you bite the cigar slightly it tends to open up the cuts and makes for a very nice, full draw. It can be slightly annoying to have small flakes of tobacco filler stick to your lips or tongue while smoking and the Shuriken Perfect Draw eliminates that little inconvenience.

    It’s slightly bulky to carry around as an everyday cutter (we’d probably stick to our trusty stainless steel, double-bladed guillotine cutter), but it is a nice cutter to add to your collection and to mix things up a bit every once in a while.

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